Coaches Jacket

Whether it’s a 6 am practice or a tournament up north in the dead of winter, you don’t want the cold affecting your game. We designed this jacket to keep you warm and you’ll stay dry from both sweat and the rain with WarmStar™ technology.


The Technology Inside

  • WarmStar™

Sleek & Stylish

Contour cut and strategic piping make the Coaches jacket the top choice for professionals in charge of their teams and their look.


Warmth & Style Lead The Way

Stay warm and keep your cool while you lead your team. Integrated WarmStar™ liner system keeps you warm while wicking moisture and keeping bacteria to an industry-leading minimum.


Customization Where It Counts

On the fly built in adjustable cuff makes your Coaches jacket a truly custom fit. Fit, fashion and function every time, everywhere!


All About The Pockets

Flat cut integration with top of the line seamless zippers and enough space to keep your hands warm while storing what you need to be at your best.