As a 16 year NHL veteran I was exposed to an endless stream of products and technologies, all promising performance enhancing capabilities. Like most players, I was always looking for an edge, the kind of advantage that would help me perform to the fullest of my capabilities. It wasn’t until near the end of my career that I found Firstar and its complement of incredible products. I have Hashimoto’s disease and an intolerance to heat, I run really hot and sweat more than most - Firstar was a game changer! I was cooler than ever, lighter feeling and more energetic game after game - the results were astounding.

The high performance, intrinsic characteristics of the Firstar technologies use proprietary materials and processes to create the most revolutionary heat and moisture management garments available today - Created by Science for Athletes™.

Firstar products outperform the competition without breaking the bank, putting value and premium in the same sentence.

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Andy Sutton