In the words of the great Don Cherry, "Look Good, Play Good." Our RinkWear™ Collection helps you do just that. Featuring our GameReady™ Tracksuit, Coaches Jacket and the GameDay Trench Coat, you're going to look and feel like a winner.


GameReady™ Tracksuit

This is everything you want from a tracksuit. Breathable, while still water resistant. Lightweight and comfortable. Durable and long lasting. It’s quiet, so no swishing sounds while you warm up. The jacket is lined with KottonStar™, for an incredible cotton-like feel, while still wicking away moisture and giving you superior odor dissipation


Coaches Jacket

Whether it’s a 6 am practice or a tournament up north in the dead of winter, you don’t want the cold affecting your game. We designed this jacket to keep you warm and you’ll stay dry from both sweat and the rain with WarmStar™ technology.


GameDay Trench Coat

Combining a classic look with modern fabric technology, this trench coat is perfect for date night or game night. You can dress it up with a suit and tie or dress it down with a t-shirt and jeans, but either way, you’ll look stylish and feel great.