Sniper Collection

The industry leader in moisture wicking and drying time allows you to play harder, play longer and come back stronger than your opponent. With our proprietary blend of RecoveryStar™ and CoolStar™ filaments, these lightweight, Pro fit, comfortable garments are designed to do it all.

Firstar micro fibre filament technology uses patented processes to integrate moisture management channels within every thread we use. Each Firstar thread uses up to 72 filaments per and 10,000 meters of our filaments weigh only 1 gram.

Organic moisture management and anti microbial integration at the nano level.

“Our technologies are patent protected, created through science and made for athletes - our competition can’t say that!”


The Technology Inside

●      RecoveryStar™

●      CoolStar™

●      StarTack™

●      Velcro SockLock™

Stay Cooler, Play Longer & Come Back Stronger!

An organic extension of your body’s dermis, allowing for optimal moisture dissipation and cooling while you focus on the win.



 With StarTack™ strategic silicon applicants, your pads stay where they should so you can optimize your performance without sacrificing your safety.


 Velcro SockLock™

Both Sniper Jocks come equipped with our Velcro SockLock™ to ensure your hockey socks stay in place so you can stay focused on your game!


Flat Seam Construction

Fit, comfort and industry leading performance every time you lace em’ up.