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When your body starts to heat up, whether it's because of exercise, work, or outside temperature, your brain reacts by releasing sweat from the more than 2.4 million eccrine glands spread out across nearly all of your body, pouring liquid through pores to lower your body temperature. But when sweat simply drips off you and hits the floor, it can't lower your body temperature. To reap the cooling effect of sweat, that salty liquid MUST evaporate off the skin and turn into a gas. In humans, sweating is primarily a means of thermoregulation, which is achieved by the water-rich secretion of the eccrine glands. Maximum sweat rates of an adult can be up to 2–4 liters per hour or 10–14 liters per day (10–15 g/min·m²).


Sweat is mostly water. A microfluidic model of the eccrine sweat gland provides details on what solutes partition into sweat, their mechanisms of partitioning, and their fluidic transport to the skin surface.  Dissolved in the water are trace amounts of minerals, lactic acid, and urea. Although the mineral content varies, some measured concentrations are: sodium (0.9 gram/liter), potassium (0.2 g/l), calcium (0.015 g/l), and magnesium (0.0013 g/l).[21]

Sweat isn't triggered by heart rate or movement, but by receptors in the hypothalamus area of the brain. Individuals living in hot and humid environments will adapt to the weather, just as people aerobically trained will sweat more and sooner. The body welcomes adaptations that help us with heat regulation.


The next time you want to curse your perspiration, just remember: Sweat offers the body-altering benefit of keeping us from overheating, while all these ill effects like stink and pit stains come from bacteria and bacteria build up within the fabrics we choose to wear.


The Moral? Leave sweat alone and instead blame bacteria and the use of the wrong base layer fabrics.


The Answer? Choose base layer materials that work with your amazing body. Choose Firstar Performance OrganicWear™ engineered fabrics and enhance your efficiency, performance and recovery. Play longer, play harder and come back stronger!


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